Saturday, January 30, 2016

First Sub-$1000 Whole Genome Sequencing Now Available to Consumers

The Illumina HiSeq X Ten sequencers, used by Full Genomes Corp to provide the first sub-$1000 whole genome sequencing.

Sequencing the first human genome in 2001 was a monumental undertaking that cost over $100 Million Dollars.  The cost of genome sequencing has been dropping precipitously ever since, In 2014 Illumina introduced the HiSeq X Ten line of rapid sequencers, capable of sequencing a whole human genome for less than $1,000.00.  It was only a matter of time before consumers were able to purchase whole genome sequencing, and it looks like that day is finally here.

Full Genomes Corp., a genomics company focusing on ancestry dna services, is now offering sub-$1000 whole genome sequencing with their new GenomeGuide product.  FGC is leveraging a  a partnership with Novogene, the largest Chinese Illumina-equipped lab, to provide this service to its customers.  FGC plans to be able to sequence up to 18,000 whole human genomes per year.

GenomeGuide, now available to consumers at $895, includes raw data (BAM file), variant summary reports from SnpEff and VEP that are compatible with third party tools, such as Promethease, autosomal and X-chromosomal variant identification (Variant Call Format) files , and mitochondrial and Y chromosome reports (for males).

Obviously this is still out of the price range of a lot of people, but its getting to the point that quite a few early adopters will be tempted to purchase this test.  For the rest of us, rest assured knowing that history tells us we'll see the price drop even further over the next few years.

Source: Full Genomes Corp. Press Release


  1. Is this helpful within a group Y-DNA project? Will this be able to define people belong to a specific line within a common male ancestor say in the 1700's time frame? I co-admin a Franklin surname Y-DNA project at FTDNA is why I ask.

    Within my family group six in the project, I have 19 male testors who are all related to me. We have defined two brothers from late 1600's as the lines thus far. But I have members who are related, such as one person who matches me 109 out of 111 markers, but we cannot determine if he is off my specific line or the other brother specific line, as we are stuck with his oldest known ancestor at 1807. We know we share the same terminal SNP R-SRY2627, as he did the Big-Y test as did a few other members, and I did an SNP test for it and tested positive. So did several other members in my group. Regards, Steve Franklin

  2. Very interesting article! I love to go in one step with the times), especially when it comes to real science, not just cloud storage servers data room due diligence)