Thursday, April 21, 2016

2016 DNA Day Sales are here

April 25, 2016 is National DNA Day. This day commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the discovery of the DNA helix in 1953.  13 years ago it cost over $100 million to transcribe that first human genome. This year the various DNA companies will celebrate by putting their DNA kits on sale for less than $80. is putting nearly their entire range of testing products on sale.  Here is a list of the prices valid from now until April 26th.

Retail Pricing
   Sale Price
Family Finder
mtFull Seq
SNP Packs

Best bet is the Family Finder test for $79 or the Y67 for $199. is offering their DNA kits for $79, $20 off the regular price.  In addition, the longstanding FREESHIPDNA is working with the sale price.  Note that it will only take off shipping for one kit, so if you order more than one, you'll have to pay some shipping costs.  However, you can simply place multiple orders and reuse the free shipping coupon for each.

This price is still a bit over what Ancestry offered between Black Friday & Christmas, which hit $64 at its lowest.  This post will be updated if Amazon does any flash sales during this next week.

Meanshile 23andMe, in keeping with their stellar customer service policies, has yet to offer any sale for DNA day.


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