Monday, April 11, 2016

GEDMatch adds WeGene support, new format for FTDNA results

GEDMatch has added support for Wegene kits to its ever expanding database.  Wegene is a Chinese company available only in China.  It uses a format similar to 23andMe and provides its customers with ethnic origins and heath information.  Wegene accepts 23andMe transfers, but since it has no English language site, it is not a viable option for much of 23andMe's user base.  Now Wegene kits can be compared to kits from all the major companies via GEDMatch.  Wegene has been criticized for providing an overly Chinese-centric view of ethnicity. For exmple, users have reported it labels test takers with origins such as Korea, Indonesia, and Thailand as all being "Chinese."  GEDMatch's tools tend to have a European-centric view of ethnicity, but hopefully a new influx of east asian DNA samples from Wegene will lead to the development of more accurate ethnicity reports.

GEDMatch has also completed its previously announced conversion of FTDNA kits to a new format.  FTDNA's download page now offers a "Concatenated" raw data file.  This contains both the Autosomal and X DNA files.  You MUST download this new concatenated file to upload to GEDMatch!  It doesn't matter if its Build 37 or Build 36.

If you already had a FamilyTreeDNA kit on GEDMatch, you do NOT need to reupload it.  Your kit is still there, but has a new kit number.  You'll want to update your records with your new kit numbers.

If you've been waiting to upload your FamilyTreeDNA kit for the first time, you can now do so.  To begin the upload process, login to you FamilytreeDNA account and select the "Download Raw Data" link. Or follow this direct link to the download page.  Then simply download one of the highlighted files below:

Next, go to GEDMatch and select the new option to upload an "FTDNA concatenated DNA file":

The rest of the process is the same as before.  Enter a name and alias for the kit, provide the sex of the kit, and select yet to allow the kit to be included in the public results.  Then choose the file you downloaded from FTDNA and click upload.

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