Monday, June 13, 2016

MyHeritage Announces Free DNA Matching Service

Israeli genealogy company has been dipping its toes into the genetic genealogy waters for about a year.  Last year they started partnerships with both 23andMe and FamilyTreeDNA to offer sales of DNA products through their website.  They also provided the updated family tree software for 23andMe's relaunch last fall.  This week MyHeritage jump straight into the genetic genealogy deep end by starting their own DNA comparison service.

The service is similar to those provided by and DNA.Land.  Tests from 23andMe, FamilytreeDNA, and AncestryDNA may be uploaded to's database and linked to a tree for comparison to other users.   Users will be able to view the trees of their matches and correspond with them regarding connections.  Later on MyHeritage plans to add ethnicity results and other features.

This is a welcome addition to the genetic genealogy scene.  While GEDMatch has a large user base, it is not very user-friendly, and few of its users upload family trees.  DNA.Land is much easier to use than GEDMatch, but also lacks the tools for comparing family trees that MyHeritage can provide. This is the first genealogy focused site with high-quality family tree tools to open its doors to all DNA tests. Essentially this is the next best thing to AncestryDNA allowing transfers to its database.

The service is currently free. It does require the creation of an account with MyHeritage (also free).   Uploading is available right now and features such as tree matching will be available shortly.

Press Release: My Heritage is Adding Free DNA Matching


  1. Will they take Genes for Good data? Besides Promethease and Interpretome, I have not found a site that will except any of the files. I keep getting errors on Gedmatch when I try to download the 23+me files

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