Friday, July 1, 2016

Geni adds FamilyTreeDNA data to World Family Tree; sale at AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA have announced a partnership to integrate FamilyTreeDNA's DNA results directly into the Geni World Family Tree.  Geni provides one of the largest and most accurate collaborative trees out there.  Volunteer curators work to help individual users integrate and verify their trees in the larger web of the World Family Tree.  This new functionality allows autosomal, Y-DNA and mitochondrial DNA lines to be integrated with Geni profiles.

Geni's main competition is the open source collaborative project Wikitree.  While Wikitree allows DNA data to be added to profiles, the process is not directly tied to DNA results, meaning there is no verification of the accuracy of the information.  Geni's collaboration with FamilyTreeDNA will provide haplogroup data directly from the test results, and eliminate human error and the need to manually change information in the collaborative tree when haplogroup estimations are revised.

Adding your results are fairly simple.  First, go to and locate the profile for yourself or whoever was the donor of the results.  You'll see a new DNA tab. Click the text that says "transfer your DNA results from Family Tree DNA."

You'll then be redirected to   Login with the account for the test you wish to connect.  You'll then see an option to connect to Geni:

Click "Connect Now."  On the next screen, click the checkmark in the bottom left to accept their terms of  service, then click connect.  That's it!  Your DNA tests are now connected.  If you have multiple kits for multiple people, repeat this process starting from each of their kits.

Important: Currently Geni only allows you to link one DNA test per Geni account.  If you manage accounts for other people, they will need to create a Geni account, or you will have to create an account on their behalf (like I just did in order to link my wife's deceased grandmother's results).

It is also possible to link Ancestry and 23andme results via uploads of the raw data. This is essentially the same service announced a few weeks ago by MyHeritage, who is the parent company of Geni.

In other news, AncestryDNA, which recently celebrated its 2 million user milestone, is currently holding a 20% off sale on its DNA kits.  The current sale price is $79.00, and the sale ends July 4th. Based on sales in prior years, this is likely to be the best price they offer until after Thanksgiving.

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