Wednesday, October 24, 2018

AncestryDNA to drop to $79 permanently, offer $19.99 Subscription, Traits

AncestryDNA's DNA Traits feature has been in beta for a select group of testers since this summer.  The new feature provides some basic genetic trait information in addition to the ethnicity and DNA matching features.  Traits include 15 categories such as eye color, hair loss, and pigmentation. It does not provide information on health conditions. At least, not yet. 

I have learned ancestry plans to roll out this feature to the general public along with a permanent price drop to $79USD for its tests.  AncestryDNA kits were previously $99USD when not on sale.  In addition, Ancestry is offering a DNA Discoveries Membership as an add-on for $19.99.  Ancestry has offered a Discovery membership as a hidden feature for awhile now, geared to those people who call to complain about not being able to view the trees of their matches.

The DNA Discoveries Membership will now be offered at the time the kit is purchased for $19.99 for six months. It appears from the ad below that

Here's a preview of the new sales page that should be going live soon:

There's a lot that is not clear from this preview.  Will existing members be grandfathered in or will they have to purchase a DNA Discoveries membership to view traits? What else is included in the DNA Discoveries Membership besides traits? Are DNA Matches included in the new $79 price or is that now separate?  If its separate, will existing members be able to see those people in their match list regardless of whether they purchase the add-on subscription?  And what does the subscription cost after the first six months?

You can view the ad here, though you cannot yet purchase the new DNA Discoveries Membership. No word on when this new product will go live, but expect it to be in the very  near future.

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